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recives a copy of the book on Marhoom Dr T.B.Jayah, the Malay National Hero
from Dr. Rasheen Bappu, Secretary of the WJM - Board of Trustees.
with Sri Lankan Malay Leaders
Briefing the proposed visit of Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia to Sri Lanka from 21-22 July 2016.
Meeting the High Commissioner to Malaysia
handed over Information pack of Wekanda Jummah Masjid and copy of the book on Marhoom Dr. T.B. Jayah

Special Malay Programme

"Eidul-Fitr" 18/07/2015

As Sheikh M.Minhaj Ameer (Manari)

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for both Ladies Gents
Sermon will be delivered by As Sheikh M. Muzni Ameer (Dheeni)
The last part of Ramadan
To save us from Hell Fire.....
One of the long standing member of the Masjid...
Direct descendent of the Masjid founder ‘Katheeb Sabu Latiff’........
On 31st August 2014.
1st Time in Sri Lanka.....
To all our well-wishers and website visitors...
May Allah Accept our fasting & Dua! Aameen...
During the Holy Month of Ramadan
listen & download via
Conducted by a team of
Award Winning Hafils.
Training Program
Both male & female volunteers are invited.
3 Day Lecture Series by As Sheikh Mufthi Yoosuff Haniffa
For both Ladies & Gents. All are welcome.........
At Wekanda Jummah Masjid
from 03/ 05/ 2014 to 09/05/2014 (between 8am to 5.30pm)


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