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recives a copy of the book on Marhoom Dr T.B.Jayah, the Malay National Hero
from Dr. Rasheen Bappu, Secretary of the WJM - Board of Trustees.
with Sri Lankan Malay Leaders
Briefing the proposed visit of Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia to Sri Lanka from 21-22 July 2016.
Meeting the High Commissioner to Malaysia
handed over Information pack of Wekanda Jummah Masjid and copy of the book on Marhoom Dr. T.B. Jayah

Special Malay Programme

"Eidul-Fitr" 18/07/2015

As Sheikh M.Minhaj Ameer (Manari)

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'HAC (Halal Accreditation Council) is the New Halaal Authority in Sri Lanka'

Founded by a group of reputed and respected Sri Lankan professionals
Accreditation in 27 countries.......

Halal Accreditation Council (Guarantee) Limited is a duly incorporated company limited by guarantee is the sole entity which manages the audit and certification process of Halal standards compliance in Sri Lanka. The company is founded by a group of reputed and respected Sri Lankan professionals who have excelled in various industries and areas of specialization.

Halal Accreditation Council’s objectives include carrying out Halal compliance audits and certification at internationally accepted, professional levels for establishments which volunteer to implement such standards, creating awareness among all Sri Lankans about the fundamentals of Halal compliance, facilitate efforts for social cohesion while respecting constitutionally guaranteed rights of Sri Lankans who come from a diverse background and contribute to the economic development of Sri Lanka by facilitating increase in tourism, quality exports and responsible corporates.

Halal Accreditation Council has already signed MoU’s and partnership agreements for reciprocal recognition and knowledge sharing with a majority of local and international Halal compliance authorities in various countries in order to ensure that the Sri Lankan commercial establishments have a one stop service point for both validating their products for export market and in sourcing world-class ingredients for their production processes.

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True Histroy Behind The Name 'Slave Island'

African Slaves were housed in the Island in the middle of Beira Lake by Portugese & Dutch

Halaal Certified Product Index

Get the latest update from HAC....For queries call 0117- 425 225 (daily 9 am - 8pm)


An Awareness Program in English