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recives a copy of the book on Marhoom Dr T.B.Jayah, the Malay National Hero
from Dr. Rasheen Bappu, Secretary of the WJM - Board of Trustees.
with Sri Lankan Malay Leaders
Briefing the proposed visit of Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia to Sri Lanka from 21-22 July 2016.
Meeting the High Commissioner to Malaysia
handed over Information pack of Wekanda Jummah Masjid and copy of the book on Marhoom Dr. T.B. Jayah

Special Malay Programme

"Eidul-Fitr" 18/07/2015

As Sheikh M.Minhaj Ameer (Manari)

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Past Jummah

Jumma Date Title Lecturer
Fri, 2018-07-13 Happy Family in Islam As Sheikh S.M.M. Thalha (Bari)
Fri, 2018-06-29 Harmful Effects of Bad Mouth As Sheikh S.H. Abdul Haleem (Sharki)
Fri, 2018-06-01 Magfirath As Sheikh K.M.M. Mukshith Ahamed (Al-Fasi)
Fri, 2018-05-25 Goodness of Charity in Ramadan As Sheikh U.L.M. Hamza (Rashadi)
Fri, 2018-05-18 How to Spend the Month of Ramadan As Sheikh Abdus Salam (Falahi)
Fri, 2018-04-27 Wakf Property & Month of Shabaan As Sheikh Fazmil Moulana (Al Mursi)
Fri, 2018-04-20 Co-existance As Sheikh M. Jankeer (Zahri)
Fri, 2018-04-13 Current Situation in Our Country and Taqwa As Sheikh A.L.G.O.L. Ameer Hamza (Rabbani/Hamami)
Fri, 2018-03-23 Consequences of Sins As Sheikh M.Salman Faizer (Sulaimani)
Fri, 2018-02-23 Significance of Friday (Yawm-Al-Jumuah) As Sheikh M.J.M. Azhar (Baqavi)

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